Premium tailor-made motorcycle trips in Patagonia

Premium tailor-made motorcycle trips in Patagonia

Patagonian Trout & Trail, Argentina

Who said bikers don’t like to fish trout? Not us! This trip will show you the best of Patagonia, with some quiet fishing time included between rides. The trip starts and finishes in Bariloche, with a duration of at least 5 days. You will get to know the most beautiful fishing lodge in Argentina.

Fjords & Volcanoes, Argentina & Chile

We bet you Norwegians have never seen volcanoes and fjords on the same trip! This program includes stretches in Argentine and Chilean Patagonia, wild landscapes, two Andes crossings, and the beautiful 7-lake district.

Patagonian Steppenwolf, Argentina

For the lone rider who always wanted to howl at the moon – without bothering anyone. This trip will take you to the Patagonian steppes described by Max Manus and Nils Johan Schjander, the only one from «Christiania Bohemen” who actually went to their promised land. Straight roads leading into mountain ranges, but beware of both pumas, lamas and renegade ostriches!

Patagonia, by you

Where do you want to go, what do you want to see, how many are you and how much time have you got? Lo and behold, we have (as in «will make») just the perfect trip for you!

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